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CD Single “Adeia siopi”


Μαζί θα λάβετε και το επίσημο videoclip!

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Antigoni Katsouri, particularly sensitive to social issues, released the song "ADEIA SIOPI" (Meaning "Empry Silence), in which she signs the music and lyrics, a song - bomb, which shocks the listener and the modern music scene with its truth and expression's power. A song against bullying, against all forms of violence, marginalization and injustice, full of messages, power, strong meanings and music that captivates you from the first listening. With the magic of violin, piano and orchestra exploding with a melodic outburst, thiq song touches the souls directly and gives a resounding message of condemnation of the violence, expressing feelings of deep sadness, anger for the unjust and despair for the loss of a loved one, with dumb sorrow and the silence that accompanies it when there are no more words. In a very discreet and elegant way, "Adeia Siopi" expresses support and encouragement to all those who have suffered or continue to be bullied, as well as to their loved ones, and comes to support through art the fight for equality and need for substantial education and social protection. "Adeia Siopi" is dedicated to the memory of the unfortunate student of the Dairy School of Ioannina Vangelis Giakoumakis. With the kind sponsorship of the Region of Epirus, it was released and distributed to schools and radio stations of Epirus.
The song has been visualized with a symbolic, highly inventive, original and dynamic video clip. Purity, expressiveness, innocence and beauty are opposed to evil, violence and mental perversion. Deep footprints, such as scars and irreparable damage caused by violence to the soul and body, remain in the white, unspoiled and deceptive snow. On the one hand Antigoni, with her ethereal, full of emotion and expression voice and presence, and on the other a dance of Shadows, which with their body alone create the strongest and most creepy images, come to perform with the most an imaginative and apt way a story, ending in a breathtaking end.