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Ena hamogelo gia to aurio


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Release Year 2012 - Final Touch
1.Θα σπάσω κούπες
2.Είχες στα μάτια ένα φως
3.Πώς μπορώ
5.Ζηλεύουνε τους τολμηρούς-Ντουέτο με τον Λάκη Παπαδόπουλο
6.Ένα χαμόγελο
7.Το «εδώ»
8.Το φιλί
9.Έχω μια ιδέα
10.Πόσες ευχές
12.Ποιος παζαρεύει την ζωή μου
13.Θα σπάσω κούπες (remix)
14.Αποκάλυψη (remix)
Antigoni Katsouri's second solo album, entitled "ENA HAMOGELO GIA TO AVRIO" (meaning "A smile for tomorrow" was released for the first time in summer 2012 and then as a re-release in summer 2015 by Final Touch & Cobalt (former Universal). It contains fourteen songs by notable composers [such as Lakis Papadopoulos, with whom they perform on the cd the duet "Zilevoune tous tolmirous" (meaning "they are jealous of the brave ones"), Giannis Nikolaou, Dimitris Fakos, Aris Kleisouras, Stavros Kyriakidis] and lyricists [Ifigeneia Giannopoulou, Maria Papadaki etc] but also the traditional Smyrnaean song, subversively adapted, "Tha seaso koupes" (meaning "I will break the cups" - in regular performance and in remix). The songs, which combine elements from different musical styles (ethnic, jazz, pop) are aesthetically interpreted by Antigoni's special and flexible voice and framed by a wide variety of instruments [piano / keyboards, cello, violin, viola, accordion, bandoneon, vibraphone, trombone, trumpet, mandolin, guitars (classical, acoustic, electric), drums, bass and percussion]. The elaborate arrangement - orchestration is skillfully followed by 30 leading musicians (Porfyris, Kokolanis, Sdoukos, Tsoukatos, Roman and Damian Gomez, Psaradakis, Alexakis, Katsarelis, Bousounis, Saltaris, Billy Zed, Papastamakis, Zappalakis etc.) It is a remarkable and elegant production, which comes to give a note of optimism and to offer a warm and true smile, in the difficult days that we are going through! A smile for tomorrow, but also for today!
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