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Release year 2020 – Walnut Entertainment
  • 1. Βρέχει ξανά (Celtic Rain)
  • 2. Το παλιό αλφαβητάρι
  • 3. Έρωτά μου
  • 4. Τα μυστικά σου
  • 5. Αθόρυβες Αναπνοές
  • 6. A bird still sings
  • 7. Το εδώ
  • 8. Άδεια σιωπή
  • 9. Ειρήνη
  • 10. Πόσες ευχές
  • 11. Κατάρες δεν μας πιάνουν
  • 12. Θάλασσα
  • 13. Celtic rain
  • 14. Αγγελοστάλσημο
  • 15. Α ρε πατέρα
Antigoni Katsouri 's fourth cd, released in early 2020, took its title from the omonymous song / duet "Irini" (meaning "Peace"), which refers in a shocking way to peace on earth, and which she performs together with the famous Iranian musician Davood Moohamadi, with whom have written music and lyrics in Greek and Iranian language. The cd includes fifteen notable songs, including the antibullying song "Adeia Siopi" (meaning "Empty Silence") and "Katares den mas pianoun" (meaning "Curses do not catch us") (a song against prejudices). She signs the music and / or the lyrics in most of the songs included in this cd, while other remarkable composers / lyricists have written songs for her, such as Vassilis Kazoullis, with whom they perform the atmospheric duet "To palio mou Alfavitari" (meaning "My old.Alphabet book"), Dimitris Mentzelos (Imiskoubria) with whom they interpret" A re patera ", Aris Kleisouras, Villemini Katsi, George Konstantinaras, Panagiotis Kelandrias, Erasmia Papadaki, Irini Katsouri etc. The cd is an excellent and rare production, with over 30 skilled musicians framing the fine arrangement. The cd contains a 24-page insert book with graphics and photos, as well as all the lyrics of the songs, in a very beautiful package that corresponds qualitatively to the content of the songs.
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