Antigoni's musical performances include:

Concerts-Tributes-Live performances-Anniversary events and much more

Unique live music moments

Antigoni's musical performances include:

Antigoni performs in a wide range of events such as

  • Concerts
  • Tributes
  • Live performances
  • Anniversary events
  • Performing at state, regional or municipal events
  • Performing at universities and educational institutions
  • Performing in clubs and institutions
  • Performing in nightclubs, quality restaurants and bars
  • Performing at Wedding Receptions, Engagements, Baptisms, Birthdays and Parties of any kind
  • Performing in morning, lunch, afternoon or evening meetings
  • Performing at International and local Conferences
  • Performing at a cocktail party or reception
  • Performing in Art exhibitions (painting, sculpture, etc.)
  • Performing at Trade Fairs

Depending on the case, she performs in Greece or abroad

Large variety of event venues such as

  • In large concert venues, outdoor or indoor
  • In spiritual centers and ceremonial Ηalls
  • In museums and historical monuments
  • In art festivals
  • In music scenes and nightclubs
  • In quality bars and restaurants
  • In hotel areas (e.g. by the pool or at the reception)
  • In lounge areas of building units
  • In reception areas
  • In private areas (yachts, gardens, villas, houses, estates, etc.)

Various options

Unique options for every taste

    Performance with one of the following musical instruments, accompanied by skilled and internationally recognized musicians:
  • piano (or synthesizer)
  • piano (or synthesizer) & voice
  • piano (or synthesizer) & clarinet & voice
  • piano (or synthesizer) & two voices (female - male)
  • piano (or synthesizer) & ancient lyre & two voices (female - male)
  • piano (or synthesizer) & guitar & two voices (female - male)
  • piano (or synthesizer), one or two voices (female - male) and one or more of the following instruments: violin, clarinet, flute, saxophone, percussion, drums, electric or acoustic bass, electric or acoustic guitar, bouzouki, piano or synthesizer
  • Frequency of performances:
  • Limited (1, 2, 3 gigs…)
  • On a regular basis (e.g. daily, weekends or in cycles)

Various options

Unique options for every taste

    3)Musical repertoire
  • Personal Discography
  • Atmospheric,Lounge
  • Jazz, ethnic
  • Light folk or folk
  • Covers
  • International (in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic)
  • Easy listening
  • Up beat
  • Dance
  • Combination of the above
  • 4)Duration
  • From half an hour to six hours, depending on the composition of the band and the budget
  • 5)Extra :
  • Music performance can be combined with a dance show by one or more people
  • Sound engineers available by area
  • If the project allows, audio equipment is also available, consisting of two 12 'electrovoice speakers, mixer and stands

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ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ, 8 ΑΠΡΙΛΙΟΥ 2023 Egalite Bar & Darts Club

H Αντιγόνη Κατσούρη παρέα με το αγαπημένο της πιάνο/synth και τον εκλεκτό συνεργάτη της Θοδωρή Λυκουρόπουλο στο βιολί, σ’ ένα – upbeat – πρόγραμμα με διασκευές από τραγούδια της εγχώριας & διεθνούς σκηνής, καθώς και τραγούδια της προσωπικής της δισκογραφίας.
Στόχος της να προσφέρει στο κοινό, μια βραδιά χαλάρωσης και απελευθέρωσης, μέσα από δυνατούς ρυθμούς και ακόμα δυνατότερες μελωδίες, σε ένα πρόγραμμα – έκπληξη!
Egalite Bar & Darts Club